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Davis Lanes offers league play for men, women, couples, scratch, special groups and after school leagues for students. Please see a full listing of our leagues below. Please register before start date. For more information please call 801.544.1218 or send an email to

Youth Leagues A special program just for kids is held every Saturday morning. We teach all the basics of bowling and scoring, then allow them to work on their game. LEAGUE SIGN UP FORM & INFO AVAILABLE AT THE FRONT DESK!!

Men's Only Fall Sportsmans League

Thursday 5:00-9:45 No Open Lanes

Youth Fall League

Saturdays 10:00pm  Full House.  No Open Bowling

Women's Only Fall Leagues

Monday Ladies, 6:30pm

Wednesday, 9:30am 

Wednesday, 12:30pm 

Thursday, 9:30am  

Summer League

Monday: Monday Afternoon Sport League  11:00 AM

Tuesday: Monte Carlo Mixed League  (FULL HOUSE NO OPEN BOWLING 5:00-9:30)

Wednesday, Ladies 9 Pin No Tap  9:30 AM

Wednesday: Wendover Mixed League  (FULL HOUSE NO OPEN BOWLING 5:00-9:30)

Saturday: Adult / Junior 9 pin No Tap  12:00 PM

Fall Mixed Leagues

Monday Afternoon Mix, 2:30pm 

Tuesday Mixed Nuts, 5:30pm  

Wednesday Unpredictables, 9:30am

Wednesday Wonders, 12:30pm 

Wed. Nite Mixed, 4:30pm 

Thursday Sunshine Girls, 9:30am  

Thursday Geritol, 1:00pm  

Friday Scramble, 5:00pm  

Friday Mixed, 5:00pm 

Sat, Niters Mixed, 5:00pm  

Sunday Mixed, 4:30pm 

All Fall Leagues Schedules

Monday Afternoon, 4:00pm
(08/28/23)  24 Lanes

Monday Nite Ladies, 6:30pm
(09/11/23)    10 lanes

Monday Nite Mix, 7:00pm
(09/11/23)  14 Lanes

Tuesday Mixed Nuts, 7:00pm
(09/05/23) 18 Lanes

Unpredictables, 9:30am
(08/30/23)  14 Lanes

Wednesday Wonders, 12:30pm
(08/30/23)   18 Lanes

Wed. Nite Mixed, 6:05pm
(08/30/23)  22 Lanes

Sunshine Girls, 9:30am
(08/31/23)   12 Lanes

Geritol Seniors, 1:00pm
(09/07/23)  18 Lanes

Sportsmans, 6:30pm
(09/07/23)    24 Lanes

Friday Nite Mix, 6:20pm
(09-08-23)   10 Lanes

Friday Scramble, 6:30pm
(09/15/23)   14 Lanes

Kids League, 10:00am
(09/16/23)  24 Lanes

Sat, Niters Mixed, 6:30pm
(09/09/23)    16 Lanes

Sunday Nite Mixed, 6:00pm
(09/10/23)  14 Lanes

The following days Davis Lanes will not have leagues, please do not schedule games on these days:

New Years Day, Presidents Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve

Also: be aware that we have various tournaments during the season, we will let you know when these events take place.